Nashville Houstons (the original)


“Justine” with Cledus T. Judd whose hit “It’s a Great Day to be a Guy” was on airwaves daily back when I first created gg.

Was it a great day to be a guy? I don’t know. But it was a great day to be me. Once I finally relented and let myself like country music, I laughed and laughed. Thank you, Nashville.

During the original show, we played country music as house music. Curious actress, Christine Alexander, piped up, “Does gg like country?”

Yes, oddly, gg likes country – and it’s not only because many of her clients live in Nashville. It’s because, business aside, in private, among friends, she likes to throw her head back and laugh her ass off (but she doesn’t say “ass”). “Justine” does. Amen.


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