My rapist could be played by Susan Sarandon.  She raped me and my sweet young family for years and I’m happy to say everything is okay (even for the one who has been dead for ten years).

I am grateful to my mother and mother-in-law, Irene, for warning me repeatedly.  Why I ignored their admonitions, when I had nothing to gain from a relationship with this rapist, was not easy for me to understand but I worked hard to find the answers.  Her partner rapes innocently if there is such a thing.  He is unaware.  She knows exactly what she’s doing. They are well-matched.

I’m here to report that it is possible to move beyond the pain,  freely, with love and kindness.  There is no need to become a bitter, harsh, badass, designing Christmas cards that flaunt resentment. Happy people are not dumb.  They are not avoiding the truth.  The past is kind.  It is always over.  Pain in inevitable.  Suffering is optional. I’m happy to be rid of my rapist who could easily be played by Susan Sarandon.  Something tells me she’s not satisfied yet. People like her are insatiable.  There is never enough (for them).

And, as for the men by whom I’ve been harassed or assaulted:  they are either 1) grown up married and living beautiful lives 2) off to parts unknown and I wouldn’t know where to find them or 3) dead.  You do not have to report.  You can live a beautiful life free from the pain of the past.  Here’s hoping Dr. Christine Blasey Ford can.


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