From: Hollywood Elite

Message received: Never make fun of others (except the president).  Don’t be cruel to any living thing (except the president).  Be a good sport (unless your candidate loses).

We love you and you almost dismantle everything you claim to stand for with each twinkle in your eye every time you make fun of the president and his family.  You enjoy it.  You encourage others to do the same.

I wonder if you could keep working to impeach or replace the president without making fun of him?  Could you?  What would be so bad about that?  Please try.  Thank you.  It would be a shame to lose all you have worked for with one irresistible target you keep hitting and hitting and hitting (smiling with every punch).




I write here for Peace, my true love.  It brings me the balance I crave during this short human time that sometimes feels unbearably long.  The human time, for me, is like an Artist’s Residency.  I observe, adjust and create.  Repeat.

I’m far from private.  A simple web search will tell you more about me than you’ll learn in a lifetime about many people.  I’m quiet.

Here, at, I am not Gg.  I am not Gingerbread Amy.  I am not a mother or a daughter or a friend or a writer.  I am not even Amy Knapp.  I am the spirit that resides in the body some of us call Amy Knapp.

I am reminded time and time again that I could benefit by more grace in certain situations.  Sometimes these situations seem so outrageous, grace seems out of the question for anyone, especially me.  Still, I will explore grace and more grace.

Years ago, I noticed I get as excited about my family as many people are about celebrities.  I watch people all amped up about meeting or seeing or bumping into someone famous.  That’s how I feel about the people I live with, sleep with, eat with, fight with, and celebrate with.  In thinking about this, I recently asked family members to sign their 8 x 10s for me and, luckily, now I have a beautiful growing collection for which I am very grateful.  They are my superstars.

Sure, some family members are too busy to sign a picture, or think I’m foolish and corny.  Someone even dismissed my efforts since “everyone is a fan of their family, Amy.”  Not true in my experience.

Now, I’m going to go say hello to God by looking at a tree for a long time. It’s nice to be loved wholly and eternally.  I’m grateful for this residency and the close companionship available at all times.  Such sweet peace.

The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love ~ Osho.