The 5-Things Travel Guide

My husband and I are currently excited about our new book, The 5-Things Travel Guide.  In case we don’t get around to writing it (a very real possibility) here is the concept:  for each location, we give you the top 5 things to do, according to us.  For example, Denver.

  1. Izba Spa:  this place is crazy.  If you get their signature treatment, this is how it goes:  hot tub for 15 minutes, 30 minute massage, sauna, beat with branches and covered in honey.  Repeat. I love it.  Read the reviews on Yelp.  They are hilarious.  If you don’t like heat or deep pressure, it’s probably not for you.  I think it’s the best thing in Denver and wouldn’t miss it.
  2. Botanic Gardens: oh, how we love the gardens.  We are members!  Each season brings new beauty and it is a great place to take a long walk through gorgeous nature.
  3. Chef’s Counter at Acorn:  Kate and the rest do such a great job here and sitting at the chef’s counter is the perfect place to take in all the action.  A great restaurant.
  4. Red Rocks:  what can we say?  Even if there is not a concert happening, just walking around this venue is incredible and so close to Denver.
  5. Surrey Ride through Washington Park: warning – this is harder than it sounds.  We did it and loved it but were wishing we had four people pedaling.  Or, you can just walk around the park.



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