We have reached the end of this blog.

Thank you for reading. In spiritual terms, success is measured by how efficiently, how effortlessly, we co- create with the universe. Happy 2012 and beyond. I read this recently: Peace doesn’t require two people; it requires only one. It has to be you. The problem begins there and ends there. And all of a sudden…


One thought on “Endings.

  1. Your gifts of artistic and literary creativity should be an inspiration to young women everywhere. Don’t know why I looked up your blog today, but there you were, talking about endings. …And all of a sudden…

    Hope yours is a life filled with joy–surrounded by those you love, and those who love you. In your June 2010 blog you said that love, joy and peace are deep states of being. I agree.Happiness and sadness are usually the result of events or circumstances. A joyful person would seldom be a victim of circumstance.

    Be joyful forever

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