Fall 2010

As we picked blueberries, she said, “Amy, I’m a lot like you.  I always wanted to be in theatre.”  Hmmm, I thought.  I haven’t always wanted to be in theatre. So why am I in it, I wondered.

It’s about staying connected to our ultimate creative source.  As it turns out, we’re in theatre at the moment.  What’s next? Who knows? It’s fall.  The apples are ripe. Go.  Be.  Do.

All is well.  Only good will come of this. Thank  you.  And from my dad. Pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “Fall 2010

  1. with great joy and lots of giggles i opened your recent letter and felt the fun and love all shared at the Square in DSM. last night i laughed my ass off as i watched all your latest films on youtube – your sassy new cut is flattering.

    I am seriously considering joining you in NYC to celebrate the opening of your show – but we are watching the dollars so i am 50-50 on the trip. But, if i do not make it – know i am thinking of you.

    love ya – T

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