actOR – spring ’10

Having recently cast my brother, Dave, in a number of family skits, I am reminded I have a funny brother (as in – he has a great sense of humor).

Due, in part, to his heroic participation in my life, I decided to audition for a role in the local play here in New Hampshire.  Being a minor-league playwright, I’ve had the privilege of seeing actors work hard to memorize my scripts.

I am Julia in “Dilemmas with Dinner” by Robin Roberts (a farce in two acts).  With each rehearsal, I have a better understanding of why Julia says what she says.   Also, I am working with actors who show up, work hard, and go home.  There’s nothing overly emotional about anyone and no one acts like we need to bond over drinks in order to make the show work.

Spring ’10. Dilemmas.

Thanks, Dave.


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