Winter Flurries…

Children are sacred.
Parenthood is holy.                     images-1

…be your highest and best selves by taking action to liberate your souls (even if you’re scared) to live in light and health.  Remember, sometimes, the emperor has no clothes and you know it.  Say it.  In a perfect world, he’d be grateful, laugh and get dressed.  In this world, you might inspire bravery and sanity in yourself and others (if you survive).

Laugh at the devil.

Where there is money.
Where there are young trusting girls.
Where there is death.

The pedophile says: don’t tell your mother.
The pedophile is driven by the need for power.

Remember there are two kinds of resignation – one motivated by despair and the other by unconquerable hope.  Sometimes it’s best to serve bacon and eggs with a smile.

Fear is the friend
who’s misunderstood.
But I know the heart of life is good
John Mayer

I wonder…
What will we destroy next?
What will we create next?

It is winter.  I will hibernate with peace.  Join me?


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