a safer place…summer ’08

Everyone dies.

Evil kills. Hearts unravel. Vultures circle.
Hope Floats. Truth lives. Bluebirds Sing.

May summer find you skinny-dipping in the rain, reading in the sunshine, and remembering the words of Dan Zadra – worry is a misuse of imagination; and the words of Abraham Lincoln – truth is generally the best vindication against slander.

Life is short.
Wherever you are.

Fly. Be free. Be well.

Peace. For you, at last.


4 thoughts on “a safer place…summer ’08

  1. Hi Amy, I like your website and feel honored that you chose to feature one of my quotations. (Worry is a mis-use of your imagination.) Keep spreading the spirit. All the best, Dan Zadra, Compendium Inc.

  2. I found the quote with no attribution so I did a little hunting
    to give you proper credit.

    Thanks again. Good mind, good heart, good soul.

    ~ amy

  3. Speaking of a safer place… I hope you are in one as I’ve been seeing what’s happening in Iowa. My thoughts are with you as Mother Nature does her stuff. Sending a big hug from Sarasota.

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