spring ’08


I once knew a woman who celebrated Easter, focusing on the Resurrection, with unusual zeal. I discovered why. But even those of us who are not fugitives, convicted felons, in need of new life, commit crimes against ourselves; others; the universe; and children, all of which deserve perfect Love.

It is spring. May you play in the rain, dance with the wind, enjoy the sun on your cheeks and, yes, discover new life. When spring turns to summer, I’ll write again and hope to find you well. I’ve become a seasonal blogger. Thanks for reading. XO.


One thought on “spring ’08

  1. A note about her –

    She told me a story and afterwards I never wanted to see her again. Unfortunately it was too late. So I threw up.

    She told me about her first trip to Chicago. Naturally, she was excited about it. Being in her mid-forties, having grown up in Iowa, she’d never seen Chicago. He took her. My father-in-law. A man I loved. She told me how she fucked him in his lakefront condo wearing nothing but pearls. She said he looked old. She told me her husband was home, in Des Moines, taking care of their children while she was fucking my father-in-law wearing nothing but pearls. She laughed when she told me a month later her husband surprised her with a trip to Chicago with their daughters, thinking it was her first time. She mocked her husband like he was some fool for believing he was giving her something special. He was. A fool that is. The whole time she was in Chicago with her husband and daughters she was thinking about being there a month earlier fucking my father-in-law wearing nothing but pearls.

    Sadly, I welcomed this woman into my home against the advice of dozens including my husband, my mother and my mother-in-law. This is my biggest regret in life followed closely by my decision to settle for shared custody of my daughters because while, legally, I was sharing them with their father, in reality I was sharing them with her and another woman just like her.

    This woman preys on young trusting women with money. Like a pedophile, words she repeats are: don’t tell your mother. Her desire to undermine a mother’s relationship with her daughter is unwavering and sickening.

    Make good on your word. Make it look like an accident. Or not.

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