Becker for President (Jake – VP)


CHILD: Mommy, why do people say it’s a Doggy-Dog world?

MOTHER: A Doggy-Dog world?

CHILD: Yeah. People say it’s a Doggy-Dog world like it’s bad. I like dogs. Who doesn’t want to live in a Doggy-Dog world?

MOTHER: Oh, I see. Yes, a Doggy-Dog world sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Lots of happiness and love.

I came to explain the idiom, “dog-eat-dog world,” to my daughter who was not pleased by the imagery of dogs eating other dogs. She did not want to live there. Wise girl. I hope she never does.

Some of us reject the dog-eat-dog world. XO.

Meet Jake and Becker. They could teach us a thing or two.


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