Writers’ Block


I don’t mind living with a writer.

I think she meant me. Let’s face it, writers like to sleep. Sleeping equals working. Dawdling equals working. Eating ice cream? Working.

Some believe writers should not be allowed to marry. Fine. These people were probably married to writers (or rejected by writers). Anna Quindlen’s husband said something like: can’t you get me a beer without writing about it? Her response was a 250-page tome.

I’m not going to marry her but it’s nice to know I could (in some states at least)(if she’d have me).


Nashville Houstons (the original)


“Justine” with Cledus T. Judd whose hit “It’s a Great Day to be a Guy” was on airwaves daily back when I first created gg.

Was it a great day to be a guy? I don’t know. But it was a great day to be me. Once I finally relented and let myself like country music, I laughed and laughed. Thank you, Nashville.

During the original show, we played country music as house music. Curious actress, Christine Alexander, piped up, “Does gg like country?”

Yes, oddly, gg likes country – and it’s not only because many of her clients live in Nashville. It’s because, business aside, in private, among friends, she likes to throw her head back and laugh her ass off (but she doesn’t say “ass”). “Justine” does. Amen.

20% Off Next Flight!


I took the red-eye from Los Angeles to Chicago with a little stop in Denver to let the injured passengers off the plane. The pilot said it was the most turbulence we’d experience (and survive).

While in California, I saw a greeting card that said, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” I didn’t know what to make of it. I stood there, in Los Olivos Grocery, looking at the card. While I like the idea of things being right in the end, something about this sentiment made me uncomfortable. Maybe the card was preparing me for my flight.

In addition to the 20% off coupon, we received a $10 voucher for food while stuck in Denver. I was short on coffee, so I wanted to buy a pound at Starbucks. The voucher was rejected. It was good for Big Macs and fries, not Starbucks coffee by the pound. Everything is not okay. It must not be the end.

Becker for President (Jake – VP)


CHILD: Mommy, why do people say it’s a Doggy-Dog world?

MOTHER: A Doggy-Dog world?

CHILD: Yeah. People say it’s a Doggy-Dog world like it’s bad. I like dogs. Who doesn’t want to live in a Doggy-Dog world?

MOTHER: Oh, I see. Yes, a Doggy-Dog world sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Lots of happiness and love.

I came to explain the idiom, “dog-eat-dog world,” to my daughter who was not pleased by the imagery of dogs eating other dogs. She did not want to live there. Wise girl. I hope she never does.

Some of us reject the dog-eat-dog world. XO.

Meet Jake and Becker. They could teach us a thing or two.