Fleet Week


It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco which means when you’re sipping a latte on Fillmore, you might get a free air show with it. Here I am with my latte (obviously the drink was beautiful and I should have shot it before drinking). I was alone. I like it. Except for the alone part, it reminded me of the time weeks ago, when I had breakfast with Ron Howard at Cora’s in Santa Monica. He sipped his latte like he didn’t even know me.

Anyway, after this latte on Fillmore, I walked up the street. See the angels in the sky?



2 thoughts on “Fleet Week

  1. another great photo.

    what i love is the table.

    what i’m jealous of (again) is that fabulous looking coffee. i love sarasota, but please! where can you find a cup of coffee that looks that good in this town?

    what is surprising is the glimpse of red toes on the ground below.

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