Happy Halloween


SAN FRANCISCO – I fell for this pumpkin at 22nd and Geary which meant I’d have to walk over 20 blocks home. I gave it a shot. Two blocks later, I caught the bus. I was the only rider. Luckily, I got my favorite driver (she doesn’t know she’s my favorite) and she made a special stop close to home.



Fleet Week


It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco which means when you’re sipping a latte on Fillmore, you might get a free air show with it. Here I am with my latte (obviously the drink was beautiful and I should have shot it before drinking). I was alone. I like it. Except for the alone part, it reminded me of the time weeks ago, when I had breakfast with Ron Howard at Cora’s in Santa Monica. He sipped his latte like he didn’t even know me.

Anyway, after this latte on Fillmore, I walked up the street. See the angels in the sky?


Caught in the Surf


You’ve probably been Googled a time or two. If you Google “Amy Knapp” chances are, you’ll meet at least three. There is Amy Knapp of family organizer fame (she’s all over the web); there is Amy Knapp, the prized San Francisco designer (I love it when people think I’m her) (she probably doesn’t love it); there’s the Amy Knapp who just got married (check her out!) and there’s me which is why I’m posting a picture of gg. I don’t know how much longer I’ll write for her, but it sure has been a wonderful surprise. Five years. Thanks.


If controversy can get you Dixie-Chicked, then the Pelican Press can get you Reality-Chicked. Ever since Mary Catherine Coolidge wrote about my friend, Laura, in Sarasota’s intriguing magazine, Downtown and Beyond, I’ve been keeping up with MC’s column, “Reality Chick.”

“Reality” is something I’ve been thinking about lately. I find it irritating when presidential candidates are criticized for not knowing the price of a loaf of bread. “Not in touch with reality!” people chant. Wealthy people are often criticized for being out of touch with reality. Here’s my thought – flying privately IS reality. Theirs. Homeless people are out of touch with reality. Cheerful people are out of touch with reality. And on and on it goes.

Live your real life. Whatever it is. It’s yours (but you might want to check out MC’s reality each Wednesday).