City Girl


Seriously, I cannot wait to attend a party in San Francisco where a stranger turns to me and asks, “So, Amy, what do you do?”

“I’m creating the new American sport.”

The stranger will 1) turn away and pursue less “creative” conversation or 2) continue with words like, “Um, really, what’s that all about?”

Many people have heard of the Adirondacks (the mountains) and Adirondacks (the chairs) but few have heard of AdironDACKING (the sport). It is my sport. I have created it. I am good at it – like Finger Crossing (the other sport I created). Pure jock, that’s me.

Just today, Mom and I were driving in the country when we spotted a guy practicing Adirondacking. He’s good!, I thought. He’s a contender. He had the drink, the reading material AND the grassy meadow.

I certainly hope he enters the next sanctioned tournament. Adirondacking – the new American sport. You heard it here.


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