Pause a while


Stop and smell the roses. I’ve never had a problem doing it. I think my parents were tempted to say something like, “Amy, stop smelling the damn roses and enroll in law school!” Anyway, this was our view as we walked to town for dinner at Mise en Place.

In other bike path news…

My mother decided to pedal into town on our bike with a basket. She was wearing her gg shirt. I asked if she’d mind popping my postcards in the mail. “Not at all!” she chirped.

So off she goes, looking really cute, when something goes awry, and she drives into the pond, flips the bike, and flies head-first over the handlebars into the water. She was covered in pond scum. She still looked adorable. She’s lucky she didn’t knock herself out. I mailed the postcards anyway. The gg shirt was unharmed.


2 thoughts on “Pause a while

  1. You should have seen the shot I took five seconds earlier of the same scene.

    “Mom, can I try the camera?” was her humble way of saying, “Let me show you how it’s done.”

    Thanks for the camera! So much better than my phone.

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