Angels & Airwaves

Here in New Hampshire, I tune in to Cliff Roles’ radio show every now and then. The other day, I listened to Elsie Gilmore and David Breitbarth. It makes me feel as though I’ve visited Sarasota for the afternoon (without the 24 hour drive) (which I don’t ever want to do again)(although it was fun and the company was good)(and the lodging in DC was incredible).

Note: using too many parentheses is a sign of immature writing.

Anyway, if you look closely you can see “The gg Monologues” original cast photo. (I keep it on hand at all times)(because I love those girls)(plus Angel Parker)(and all the Good Guys)(and everyone who came to the shows)(xoxoxoox)(XOXOXO).

Stephen King could arrest me for parentheses abuse. Let’s hope he does.


2 thoughts on “Angels & Airwaves

  1. Dearest Amy,
    You are sorely missed. We all went to the new East Village Cabaret to watch the Tony’s last Sunday, and Jeff Kin and I both remarked that you should have been with us. He’s been appointed the new Artistic Director of the Players Theatre, by the way, and is now in LA at his brother’s wedding until next week.
    We’re in the process of getting “Got Another Minute” organized for August, so we’re relying on you again to send us one-minute plays! Don’t let us down!
    Saw Mandy last Monday, and she’s coming on my show soon to talk about “Kaleidoscope”.
    Keep in touch, my dear, and enjoy NH!
    Lots of love,

  2. Dearest Cliff,

    Thank you so much. Without television or Internet, I was unable to watch the Tonys here in New Hampshire but was thinking of you all. Sarasota is so special.



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