Picture Day


I drove to historic Portsmouth (an hour) to see the sites (and get my toes done). Everyone kept asking if I was related to “The Knapps of Portsmouth.” Even the hairdresser said, “Oh, I was expecting someone else – Amy Knapp of Portsmouth.” It was funny.


The bunk beds arrived and this is what they looked like. I wanted to cry. Then Montana stepped in and got to work. I call her Princess IKEA.


Ta Da!


This may look like a mess to you. But to the folks here at Camp Hattie, it’s your average par 5, constructed by campers, Anya and Montana. Clearly, they have a future in miniature golf.




Camper/Counselor Ratio…


There are two campers here at Camp Get-a-Job. It’s a real camp and they have the mosquito bites to prove it. The campers make me (the one counselor) very proud and I love them. There is no dating at Camp Get-a-Job. Boys are allowed to come over and play Scrabble. So far, no boys have shown up. Not a single one. Imagine that. The campers are learning a lot…like it’s fun to be offered a job/it’s nice to be wanted/work can be boring and physically painful.

And…it’s good to jump in a cold lake.


Angels & Airwaves

Here in New Hampshire, I tune in to Cliff Roles’ radio show every now and then. The other day, I listened to Elsie Gilmore and David Breitbarth. It makes me feel as though I’ve visited Sarasota for the afternoon (without the 24 hour drive) (which I don’t ever want to do again)(although it was fun and the company was good)(and the lodging in DC was incredible).

Note: using too many parentheses is a sign of immature writing.

Anyway, if you look closely you can see “The gg Monologues” original cast photo. (I keep it on hand at all times)(because I love those girls)(plus Angel Parker)(and all the Good Guys)(and everyone who came to the shows)(xoxoxoox)(XOXOXO).

Stephen King could arrest me for parentheses abuse. Let’s hope he does.