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Picture Day
June 30, 2007


I drove to historic Portsmouth (an hour) to see the sites (and get my toes done). Everyone kept asking if I was related to “The Knapps of Portsmouth.” Even the hairdresser said, “Oh, I was expecting someone else – Amy Knapp of Portsmouth.” It was funny.


The bunk beds arrived and this is what they looked like. I wanted to cry. Then Montana stepped in and got to work. I call her Princess IKEA.


Ta Da!


This may look like a mess to you. But to the folks here at Camp Hattie, it’s your average par 5, constructed by campers, Anya and Montana. Clearly, they have a future in miniature golf.




Camper/Counselor Ratio…
June 19, 2007


There are two campers here at Camp Get-a-Job. It’s a real camp and they have the mosquito bites to prove it. The campers make me (the one counselor) very proud and I love them. There is no dating at Camp Get-a-Job. Boys are allowed to come over and play Scrabble. So far, no boys have shown up. Not a single one. Imagine that. The campers are learning a lot…like it’s fun to be offered a job/it’s nice to be wanted/work can be boring and physically painful.

And…it’s good to jump in a cold lake.


June 16, 2007


Congratulations to Jeffery Kin, the new artisitc director at The Players, in Sarasota. Jeffery directed my first play, “Under Cupid’s Span,” starring Montana Knapp (on right) and (not pictured) Christine Alexander, Zac Chase, Angel Parker and John Bohane. Jeffery is an all-star Good Guy! Bravo! XO


June 14, 2007

SK graduated from St. George’s School and earned a special honor for photography. We are all very proud of her.


June 13, 2007


My name is Knapp/Nap.
Here, in New Hampshire, the town manager is…

Poor Guy. No pun intended.



Angels & Airwaves
June 12, 2007

Here in New Hampshire, I tune in to Cliff Roles’ radio show every now and then. The other day, I listened to Elsie Gilmore and David Breitbarth. It makes me feel as though I’ve visited Sarasota for the afternoon (without the 24 hour drive) (which I don’t ever want to do again)(although it was fun and the company was good)(and the lodging in DC was incredible).

Note: using too many parentheses is a sign of immature writing.

Anyway, if you look closely you can see “The gg Monologues” original cast photo. (I keep it on hand at all times)(because I love those girls)(plus Angel Parker)(and all the Good Guys)(and everyone who came to the shows)(xoxoxoox)(XOXOXO).

Stephen King could arrest me for parentheses abuse. Let’s hope he does.


June 11, 2007

Because I like to read lots of opinions, I just read “Made in America” by John Ratzenberger. I’d like to bring the troops home AND have a safe world.

Besides, it gave me a reason to post this shot which makes me want to hug everyone. XO


Summer Reading…
June 10, 2007

I read “I Killed.” Funny inside look at comics on the road. I loved one story of the heckler. Here it is in my words…

Comic tells a joke and gets a laugh. Heckler gets bigger laugh.

Comic tells another joke and gets a laugh. Heckler gets bigger laugh. This exchange continues.

Finally the comic gets the bigger laugh. Comic says, “Buddy, just between you and me, I won that one.”

Heckler says, “Buddy, just between you and me, you needed it.” Again, Heckler gets the bigger laugh.


Before The gg Monologues…
June 7, 2007

At The Improv

…there was just me and gg. I wrote for her. She inspired me. I ended up doing this. I love it. It was like bungee-jumping. I won’t be doing it again but I’m so glad I tried it. XO


June 5, 2007


Diversity. I’m here to say I would like a less diverse world. I would like everyone to be exactly the same – nice. I don’t care if we’re all black or green or pink. I don’t walk into a room (or a meeting) (or a country) and start looking for the people who “look like me.”

For one thing, everyone looks like me (and no one looks like me).

I’m human.

Thank you, friends.

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