Main Street Eaterie

Last night I saw “Darwin in Malibu” then dined with the star of the show, David Breitbath, and the amazing woman, director and friend, Amanda Schlachter. We ate at Lan on Main Street where I finally ate the food! It was fantastic.  If you like to patronize local eateries, don’t miss this one.


Say what?

I am close to departure. I will miss so much about Sarasota. Like today, when the elderly Publix cashier carded me. I’m 44. I was mistaken for 19. Only in Florida. I rushed home and took a good look in the mirror. Peace Corp t-shirt. Flip flops. No make up. 19! Right. Thank you, Sarasota. XO

You asked for it…

you got it! It’s official – I have a personal blog, at the request of my sweet, smart friend, Christine Alexander . I’m leaving Sarasota on Wednesday, May 23 for about a year. At least that’s the plan…but we all know about plans.

I’ll be in New Hampshire through the end of July or August, then off to California in August or September. Same email, same phone, new blog, stay in touch!